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Speaking at PyData London Meetups

Have you been working on an interesting project that you want to show off to fellow members? Found a really cool library that you want everyone to know about? Whether it’s a half-hour slot or a 5-minute lightning talk, get in touch and let’s get you on the stage!

There’s a few details to note:

  • We have 2 longer talks - 25 mins talk time & 5 mins Q&A
  • We have 2 or so 5-minute talks
  • All talks are timed, the lightning talks have a hard 5 minute limit, we have a hard exit time on the venue so please make sure you’ll run to time (under-running is fine!)
  • Check the NumFOCUS Code of Conduct - all language and imagery must be inclusionary, in particular try to avoid gendered reference (e.g. prefer something like ‘folks’ over ‘guys’)
  • No product pitches - we’re strict about this - these aren’t sales slots and the room is not populated by buyers
  • Your talk should educate, you’re welcome to note ‘we’re hiring’ or similar during your talk (that’s a sensible quid-pro-quo for your company letting you write your talk whilst at work)
  • We usually schedule talks a few months in advance. If you’re only available for a specific date please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate.

Send us your proposal by filling in our talk proposal form.

Speaking at PyData London Conferences

Our next conference will take place in 2020. Please watch for announces at the meetup and on the monthly update emails for the next Call for Proposals.