Welcome to PyData London!

PyData London 2022

17-19 June 2022, The Tower Hotel, St. Katharine’s Way, London E1W 1LD


Call for Proposals

Submit your proposals for a 30min conference talk or a 90min tutorial by 25 April 2022.

About the community

The monthly meetups and annual conferences are put together by a group of volunteers passionate about Python. Since 2014, we have provided Pythonistas in London a forum to learn from each other on the use of Python in the ever-evolving fields of data management, processing, analytics and visualisation. PyData London meetups take place on the first Tuesday of each month, currently under the generous sponsorship from AHL.

About the speakers

All speakers at PyData London meetups and conferences do so altruistically! A big thank you to all speakers who volunteer their time to prepare amazing content to educate and enlighten fellow Pythonistas.

We welcome speakers from all levels and backgrounds - please submit a talk!

About the volunteers

Behind the scene, unpaid volunteers organise the logistics and content of every meetups and conferences. The organisers have day jobs to pay their bills and dedicate their free time for the benefit of the community. So when you see the organisers at the next event, don’t forget to thank them. Both volunteers and speakers are especially partial to free drinks and good chat at the pub!

Current volunteers include: